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Chrisians today are in





                       Paul says LET US go on to Perfection

                       Jesus said Be Perfect as your father in heaven is Perfect

                       Again Jesus said after healing everyone: GO and Sin NO more.

                       In Revelation 2 Jesus addresses all Pauls churches by saying Strengthen

                       that which is not yet Perfect;  make it ready to die.



                       In Boston, Massachusetts the pastor Daniel Marter has been proven by Jesus to Perfect many saints, in the Apostles day everyone heard that message from them: to BE PERFECT in your flesh, as the Good News of the Kingdom of God.


For God to clone himself in Jesus it cost him to be humble before the Living God and subjugate himself to the Father's greatness: in so doing Jesus was able to hang with God and manifest God's consciousness and goodness and God moved through Jesus in intamacy and in his creation. Are YOU ready for such an adventure with God?  If not turn back now. It is ALL or nothing, submit all to God, Pay all you own to God and submit it to his Perfected church or never know Jesus as He is known to God and as He knows God the Father in intamacy inside of Jesus.


Sell All and bring your self and wealth to that church and live all things common and get ready to be called to Perfection in Christ.

Location:  65 Chestnut Hill Ave., Brighton, Massachusetts, 02135


HOSEA  I will wait as a bear in the woods bereft of its welp, ready to rip the caul of the heart:  Are you the cub of the bear or the one who stole it from the mother bear? Are you the hunted or the loved young bear?  Maybe both at the same time.


Ask Peter in his trial of failure, or King David or Job? After Pentacost they all become Christ Like able to be sinless and manifest the Father in His Righteousness. 


Are you ready for that process yet, YOUR deep encounter with God where he says NOW Job PUT ON MY Righteousness and judge mankind in his pride laying all who are proud low,  if not now then when will you become sinless and perfect?


Jesus If you do not hate your life and lay it down you will lose it.

JOB: Then again in JOB Elihu as Chist confronts Job and so does God the Father Jesus who both extol the mighty works of God and they say to Job, now you stink calling out God to come near to you and stop this trial: I deserve better.  Elihu says to Job quiet my friend, NOW that the stink has come to the surface we can get to the nub of the matter: The human nature is in Dire Straights: you have NO righteousness whatsoever, when we get to the core of it.  Job says to God NOW I see you face to face before I knew you only by doctrines.


You must allow God the Father Jesus and Jesus Christ to lay you low and strip everything from the core of the human nature to its raw core while at the same time they reveal their very intamate nature to you...will you run and hide or will you submit as a child and say guilty guiilty guilty as the carnal nature in you is exposed.  You may think I give you the answers to the hardest and most important process and test any of mankind could ever be a party to but I tell you unless your heart is pure as Jesus you will fail and run away and try to hide.  You won't be the first or last. Get back up repent and try again God will not give up on you even if you do at first. 


This is the last generation to get into heaven in the Grace Age period lasting well over 2,000 years now.  Only those CALLED TO PERFECTION and become axactly like Christ get into heaven:; Sinless able to manifest the Father in His Perfectness.


If God is talking to Jesus in your soul, then have the mind of Christ and act like a son of God, wouldn,t Jesus expect His Father to lift him up at all times above the sin nature? Give Him the consciousness of God and show Jesus His very nature and mindset. Jesus manifested the Father so must you.


Heaven Jesus said is like a treasure found in a field, wouldn't you sell all to purchase it?  It will cost you your crummy human nature life Die to it, Hate it not your self and come into God's Righteousness and Perfection of Christ.